Wednesday, May 21, 2014

*REVIEW* Uncomplicated: A Vegas Gir'ls Tale (Vegas Girls #1) by Dawn Robertson

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 4 Stars

I really liked reading this light hearted, enjoyable book about Jennifer and Mathis. Jennifer is a call girl in Las Vegas and Mathis is a Hot, night club owner and businessmen. Mathis spots Jennifer in one of his night clubs, one night and vows that he wants her and will have her one way or another. The next morning, Jennifer wakes up in a bedroom she doesn't recognise, only to find out that it's Mathis's bedroom. Mathis's has a very fun time in letting Jennifer know that they got married. Jennifer is shocked and confused but this is the start of their adventure together and Mathis will do anything to get Jennifer to fall in love with him. The journey is so hectic but it's so enjoyable to read about.

I really enjoyed it and loved everything about this storyline. Some parts i found funny and Mathis and Jennifer are great characters. Both characters were refreshing and enjoyable.

Three days a week I work your everyday nine-to-five. The paperwork is never-ending. The pay is mediocre, and the office drama is simply intolerable. But the other four days a week, I am my own boss. 

My name is Jennifer Sunshine and I am a Vegas Call Girl. 
My clients range from frat boys on spring break to multimillionaire business men with stuffy wives and less than ideal equipment. 

I don’t have a daddy-complex or some kind of sob story. 
I don’t need the money, but it certainly is nice. 
The only thing I crave is the exhilarating feeling I get from being in control of something. Anything. 

My life is uncomplicated, simple even. 
That was until he bulldozed his way into my life, and everything changed. 
Overnight he makes me realize how much I truly need him.

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