Sunday, May 18, 2014

* REVIEW * - The Madam by M. Robinson

Reviewer : Cheryl
Rating : 5 Stars

I can say that this is my favorite in the series.  I was hooked in VIP, but with this one I am a goner.  

This book is about Lilith or rather The Madam.  Even after absorbing the story I still have not enough words to describe it.  This book was riveting and intriguing.  I ate the pages like there was no tomorrow. I was obsessed with what would happen next.  I could not fathom all the revelations in this book and the twists and turns made me that much more invested in it.  It hinted at things and leads you thinking otherwise then proves you right! It is awesome.  

There were so many emotions going through me when I read this book.  And honestly I felt like Lilith was my sister or I was her a few times.  The author lures you in to Lilith's mind and you stay there.  You grow as she grows and experience what she experiences.  If you're anything like me you will admire the inner workings and drive of Lilith.  You will see how perseverance and sacrificing got her exactly what she wanted and the end goals that she was aiming for.  She is cunning, independent, and fiercely strong.  

This is an erotic story with a hint of romance.  Great writing, great story, and great characters.  I definitely think this is worth a one click based on how amazing the story line is.

Some people need love…

I need sex, money, control, and power.

Anyone could have those four things, but only one could have VIP. Becoming Madam was never a choice for me, it was a mandated order from the most powerful woman I knew- my mother. I was born to fill her shoes, never to make mistakes, or to show weakness.

You are the product of your environment. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; you learn from what you see, not from what you’re told. Nature vs. Nurture. I learned from it all; what I saw, what I didn’t see, what I was told, and from reading between the lines.

I was raised with the belief that the world spun ONLY because of me. I held power as far back as I can remember, saw things no one ever talks about, and witnessed illegal acts of sex, drugs, and money by the time I was eighteen.

You saw a glimpse of me in VIP, now see it from the beginning. Enter my world where anything goes; no judgments, no remorse, no guilt. You play by my rules, or you don’t play at all. There are no limits to what I can do, or to what I can show you…I will ensure my legacy my any means necessary.

My name is Lilith Veronica Stone, and I am The Madam.

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