Friday, May 9, 2014

* REVIEW * - Hardpressed (Hacker #2) by Meredith Wild

Reviewer : Kaylene
Rating : 5 Stars

Another great book in the series, this has become one of my favourites ...

Hardpressed is the second book in the Hacker Series by Meredith Wild and starts off where Hardwired leaves off.  Blake has finally won Erica over with love and she has opened her heart to him.  Just when everything seems to be going along fine the story takes a twist that even I didn’t expect and leaves you shocked and bewildered. 

Erica gets to know her father more throughout this story, but more importantly another twist that you won’t see coming develops.  Blake and Erica’s relationship grows and expands in this book and a little bit of BDSM creeps in, not too much but enough to show you Blake’s very dominant side.

This book leaves you with lots of questions and more emotional upheaval than you can shake a stick at.  I am wondering where this story is going to lead and whether or not they will all come through it unscathed.  Will there be a HEA for Blake and Erica?  That question I guess can only be answered by our very talented author.   I am looking forward to the final book in the series and I give this book a five star rating.

 In Hardpressed, the highly anticipated second book of the Hacker Series that began with Hardwired, Blake and Erica face threats that put both their love and their lives on the line. 

Despite Blake Landon’s controlling ways, the young and wealthy hacker finally won the trust of the woman he loves. Internet entrepreneur Erica Hathaway broke down the walls that kept her from opening her heart and her business to Blake. 

Ready to start this new chapter in her life, Erica is determined not to let anything come between them, even if that means giving Blake back some of the control he craves in and out of the bedroom. 

But when demons from her past threaten their future, Erica makes a decision that could change their lives forever.

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