Wednesday, May 14, 2014

* REVIEW * - Unbreakable (Cypress Grove Series) by Amie Nichols

Reviewer : Cheryl
Rating : 4 Stars

The main character of this story is Lilly Sumnor.  The adopted millionaire heiress to the Sumnor fortune after her adopted parents die from a car crash.  

This story is filled with mystery and interesting twists and turns.  As soon as the beginning starts there is no turning back.  You figure out what it is that is happening, but the masks and facade is impenetrable unless you are close to the issue.  Lilly has lived her entire young life being the target of her adopted mother's scorn, hatred, and brute force.  For eighteen years she has been subjected to different forms of abuse a person would ever be exposed to. 

Luke is surrounded by beauty in the form of flowers and plants as the son of a landscaper.  When he first sees Lilly he just knows she is the most beautiful thing he has ever known and that she will be his.  There is no question in his mind that she is the one for him.  As he witnesses Lilly in pain he swears he wants to protect her, but can't do that without jeopardizing his father's job. 

Lilly has had a crush on Luke for years and when he leaves for a few years and leaves her crushed she tries to forget him.  Unknown to Lilly is the fact that Luke had to leave so he doesn't intervene on her behalf to stop the people hurting her so she will never be in pain.  When he finally returns after her parents die, they feel their same emotions overcoming each other and act on it. 

This story is as I said mysterious.  The relationship between Lilly and Luke is only one aspect of the mystery of the story.  There is mystery surrounding who she really is.  On top of that is the fact that Lilly is being stalked by an unknown person.  She doesn't know who this stalker is and experts are convinced its probably a person she has shown kindness to or even someone in passing.  When he gets close enough to kidnap Lilly and hurt Luke there is a questionable future or lack thereof for them.  Will Lilly ever be found?  Is Luke okay?  Will they be reunited or is it the end?  

One Click this one.  

Being adopted by one of the wealthiest families in the country Lilly Sumnor should have had a life of luxury. But being hated by her adopted mother Jane for reasons no one seemed to know, made Lilly's life one of mental and physical abuse. It wasn't until the day that a young Lilly met their gardener's son Luke Hansen did she ever feel like she had something to look forward to. The closer they got the harder it was for young Luke to control his temper against the abuse suffered by the hand of adopted mother Jane. 

Luke being sent away by his father for fear of him doing something that would affect the rest of his and Lilly's life forever. Lilly was heartbroken and knew that no matter what she would never feel for anyone the way she felt for Luke. Jane being one of the most respected socialite's in Louisiana no one could save Lilly from the abuse. 

Until one day it all changed. Jane and Ted Sumnor die in a car accident leaving Lilly being the only relative to inherit the entire Sumnor fortune. 

Her life changes in so many ways and after Luke returns their love rekindles but can they survive the threats that are plaguing Lilly. Slowly finding out clues to how she became adopted, and finding out that her birth mother might be dead at the hands of voodoo and dark magic is it too much for them to handle. 

She is wrapped in a world of dangers from what she finds out and from the threat of someone that wants to take her away from Luke forever. 

Unbreakable (Book 1) is a dramatic love story that takes place in the deep south of Louisiana with twists and turns that will keep you guessing..........

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