Friday, December 20, 2013

*REVIEW* "In The Heart of Forever: A Heart Story, Full Novel" by Jo-Anna Walker

Reviewer: Kaylene

Rating: 5 Stars


 In the Heart of Forever is the full novel of the “In the Heart” series of novellas by combining all the “In the Heart” novellas and a novelette at the end called In the Heart of Christmas. 
The In the Heart series of novellas was the gripping story of Jesse and Rave who both suffered with their own issues and private hell.  The story dealt well with the abuse Jesse suffered at the hands of her step father, which was hard reading but done very well.
Rave professes his love for Jesse as the story unfolds and he feels compelled, for reasons of his own to protect Jesse at all costs.

The final novelette, gives them a very happy ever after which is always so good in a book such as this one.   There is plenty of emotion in this book which leaves you thinking about how abuse effects people in general.   I enjoyed these novellas and now that you can have them all at once plus a little extra bonus, I suggest you get one clicking immediately.
Author note: All four parts finally as one full novel with a special never before seen novella at the end! Story complete with HEA.

***Note from the author: Due to the mature content and subject of abuse, this book is not intended for younger audiences***

Rave Black sweeps into her life in the middle of the school year. He’s a loner. The quiet kid, and fascinates Jesse. She should stay away from him and focus on surviving high school, but their unusual connection thrusts them into a bond neither can deny.

Not only does Jesse Dawson have to maneuver around bullies at school, but also dodge her vicious stepfather and handle the pain of her comatose mother, trusting only in the love and friendship that Rave gives her.

As weeks go by, a bond is formed and rumors are spread. Heartache, laughter and romance encircles around the young couple.

Is their love strong enough to battle through the everyday life of being a teenager or will their personal demons threaten to destroy them both?
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