Wednesday, December 18, 2013

*REVIEW* "In The Heart of Now (A Heart Story #2)" by Jo-Anna Walker

Reviewer: Kaylene

Rating: 5 Stars


Well what a great little find these books are.   In the Heart of Now is the second story in the “A Heart Story” of books.  This book continues the story of Jesse and Rave and showcases their issues and how they build their relationship.   The three M’s still play a role in this book as does Jesse’s step father, who is let’s just say, a creep.  You also start to see that Rave has issues of his own and that these issues are obviously going to be built on as the story progresses. Rave professes his love for Jesse during this book and he feels compelled to protect Jesse at all costs.   

I enjoyed this part of the book and is well worth the read, so hurry and one-click yourself a copy.  Please note this is only a partial book of approx 62 pages, the next partial book in the series has been released and it’s called In the Heart of Tomorrow (approx 68 pages).

*Copy received in exchange for an honest review*
***Note from the author: Due to the mature content and subject of abuse, this book is not intended for younger audiences***

Jesse continues to navigate the hell of high school and dodge her vicious stepfather, trusting in the love and support from the dark and mysterious Rave to get her through.

Yet Rave has his own demons to battle that threaten to pull them apart.

With their already-rocky relationship in jeopardy from rivals at school, Jesse suffers through unfathomable trauma that solidifies her belief that she’s not worthy of love.

Despite his words of devotion, Rave can’t get Jesse to believe him, nor can he let go of a tragic guilt from his past that fuels his temper.

Can Jesse trust Rave’s words and live with no regrets or will his feelings result in a loss of control she can’t deal with?
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