Friday, December 20, 2013

*REVIEW* "Unveiled Ties (Intoxicating Passion #2)" by Felicia Tatum

Reviewer: Liz

Rating: 5 Stars


Unveiled Ties is the second installment of the Intoxicating Passion series. I seriously loved this one! Dane is still on the search for his “Masked Angel”. Once again Felicia leaves you hanging I should know this by now! My only issue is that it isn’t long enough I get all involved then BAM it’s all over and I’m left guessing. I love Felicia’s writing I know I have said this before but she has a way of drawing you in even though it only 26 pages! I cannot wait for the next one! Bring it on already!!
Dane has been haunted by the mysterious and sexy angel from his fraternity’s Halloween party. He sees her in every store, every class, on every corner. How long will he fight his feelings?

Korah is consumed with guilt over her vulnerability at the ball, vowing to never go to a party again. Leela and Windi desperately try to pull her out of her funk. The start of new semester should bring new beginnings…right?

The spring semester is now underway for Korah and Dane. When the pair ends up becoming biology partners, will Dane reveal his true identity?
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