Friday, December 27, 2013

*REVIEW* "Last Christmas (Bound Together #1.5)" by Marie Coulson

Reviewer: Donna

Rating: 4.5 Stars


I think in order to read this novella, you would have to read Bound Together before as this novella is about what Ollie did next after Layla chooses Jared and goes away for Christmas with him to Europe.

This is written from Ollie's point of view and what he goes through during Christmas to get over his one true love Layla. I loved this book as you got to understand more about Ollie and i felt kind of bad for him as well as this novella takes you through the heart break he went through after Layla chooses Jared.

Beautifully written but do recommend you read the first one as it wouldn't make sense on its own. The great part about the book is the ending sets you up for the next book Burning Up which is out now.


Last Christmas, I had everything I’d ever dreamed of.
The perfect place, the perfect gift and the perfect girl.
And now it’s all gone. It’s lost in a sea of broken promises,
lies, cheating, and torn hearts. Christmas won’t be the same
without you and I’m damned if I’ll let myself wallow.

All I want for you.

A Novella from Ollie's POV.

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