Saturday, December 14, 2013

*REVIEW* "Saving Stella" by Eliza Brown

Reviewer: Liz
Rating: 4 Stars
This was a wonderful short story about learning to trust again after a terrible experience, my only issue is that it is too short!
Stella is a bright young woman has her own business but for her its all work and no play after experiencing something rather traumatic for her she has shut the world out and only goes to work and home and won’t let anyone close especially guys that is until Brayden comes along thanks to Stella’s sister, Sloan. Brayden is sexy, kind and caring and after he meets Stella he falls!
I really enjoyed this story of finding love and trusting again. I loved getting to know the characters and their stories. I look forward to the next installment about Sloan!
*Copy received in exchange for an honest review*
After living the past six years of her life as a shadow of her former self Stella Morgan’s twin sister Sloan takes matters into her own hands. Setting her quiet, reserved sister up with her friend and boss Brayden Brooks.

But after the trauma of her past, can Stella ever trust another man? Can she overcome her demons to find her happily ever after?

"Well, that was unexpected. I sat on my couch with my feet tucked under my backside, sipping my glass of wine wondering what had happened this afternoon. Had Brayden really asked me out? Surely it was just because he felt bad about our initial introduction? He had said as much. But he continued to ask even though I assured him he had nothing to feel bad about. I think I insulted him. I hope not, but his reaction to my words was unmistakable.

Why couldn’t I just take a chance and do something out of my comfort zone for once? Oh yea, because ever since that night six years ago, I’m scared of my own damn shadow! Play it safe, be invisible. Stay under the radar. Blend into the crowd. I’ve been doing just fine in my little unassuming bubble."

*Saving Stella is a novella.
Keep an eye out for the next novella in the series "Sloan's Surrender".
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