Wednesday, December 4, 2013

*REVIEW* "In The Heart of Yesterday (A Heart Story #1)" by Jo-Anna Walker

Reviewer: Kaylene
Rating: 4.5 Stars
In the Heart of Yesterday is all about being at high school and suffering from bullying and abuse. Jesse suffers abuse at home from her stepfather and at school by the Three M’s (Miranda, Melissa and Melanie - aka pretty mean girls).  This is a great book and it’s hard for me to write something worthwhile without giving anything away.  Young Adult is not my usual genre but I really liked the way it was written. 
Rave is instantly attracted to Jesse and it’s a gorgeous story that blooms from that attraction. Jesse struggled, and Rave was not fazed by the rumours that follow her.  I really felt for Jesse and the abuse that she put up with, it was tough to read at times.
I enjoyed this part of the book and is well worth the read, so hurry and one-click yourself a copy.  Please note this is only a partial book of approx 56 pages, the next partial book in the series has been released and is 62 pages in length.  I gave this book 4 ½ stars as it was only a partial book and waiting for the next instalment can be frustrating for some people.
*We Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*
Jesse Dawson is a typical seventeen year old girl. She goes to school, gets good grades, and like any other kid, just wants to fit in, blend in and survive high school.
She doesn’t talk about all the crap she has to deal with. Her mom in the hospital and a step-dad from hell.
Rave Black sweeps into her life in the middle of the school year. He’s a dark loner. The quiet kid, and fascinates Jesse. She should stay away from him, but a budding friendship slips into a bond neither of them can deny.
Rumors spread even as they share their secrets with each other.
Can Rave help Jesse learn to open up and trust, or will his personal demons consume them both?
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