Friday, December 27, 2013

*REVIEW* "Flip Flops in France" by Georgie Summer

Reviewer: Kaylene

Rating: 5 Stars


Flip Flops in France was recommended to me by a friend and so I thought I would give it a try to see what I thought.  This book is awesome and had me flipping pages straight away.  Max is swoon worthy although very broody and dominant, and Lexi is sweet and has a mind of her own except when it comes to Max.  Max has a son Mathew who is adorable, you’ll just want to jump into the pages and cuddle him.

So basically this book that I stumbled upon has made me a total fan of Georgie Summer’s writing.   I love the bossy, arrogant, dominant type in books and Max does not let us down.  There is a softer side to Max, but it’s rare to see and this confuses Lexi quite a bit.  She decides to quit Max quite a few times during the book but is never really successful.  The one thing about Lexi is that she doesn’t seem to have any sort of filter when it comes to her mouth, which can be a bit of an issue.  Lexi’s character was a lot of fun to read and I laughed quite a few times when her mouth filter was turned off - she actually thinks she only says them in her head, when in fact they are out loud.

The characters are well developed and likeable and the book has you flipping pages quickly and reading till late in the night.   Believe it or not ... no cliffhanger which is awesome, but the good part is that there’s another book and I will be flipping the pages on the second book straight away.

This is a definite one click book and do it now.  All I can say is that I absolutely loved this book, well done Georgie Summer.
Accepting the job offer was the easy part, denying herself the insanely intense attraction to her new cocky, self-assured Boss was the real problem.

Stunning, out-spoken Lexi Chase is on a mission to move on and start over far away from the everyday reminders of betrayal but she really should have read the small print in her terms of employment before-hand.

Horse trainer, sex on legs Max doesn’t do relationships or feelings especially after such a publically messy sham of a marriage.
Max has rules and no tolerance for those that don’t follow them to the letter but soon finds he has to break a few in order to satiate the increasing desire that Lexi arouses.

Following a terrible accident their lives are thrown into chaos in the hunt to determine whether it was truly an accident at all.

The Past has a funny way of catching up when you least expect it…

What lengths are people willing to go to and what chances are those involved prepared to take to each find their own true happily ever after…
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