Friday, December 27, 2013

*REVIEW* "Deception" by Evie Rose

Reviewer: Kaylene

Rating: 5 Stars


Deception is the first in a series of individual books written by Evie Rose.  This is a story about abuse, real torturous abuse both physically and mentally.  Roxi is a woman under siege from a repulsive husband who treats her with so much disrespect it’s sickening and sometimes hard to read.   Roxi tries to make everyone outside of her relationship see that she is a happy woman living in a loving relationship with her husband, but of course it’s just a facade.

This was a hard book for me to read at times, the abuse and the type of man (I use that term very loosely) she was married to was shocking.  I think the stand out part of shocking was when Roxi had to clean his office, I won’t go into details because it will spoil it, but it was an “oh my God - you have got to be kidding” moment for me.

Luke has a past that is still haunting him to this day and he thinks that he’s deserving of the guilt he lives with from his past.   This guilt eats away at him day in and day out.  Luke is a fire fighter, and the reasons for this become obvious as you read through the book.  He has a best mate Jake, who plays an important role in this book and the next book in this series is dedicated to Jake, which should be an interesting read.

This book was a rollercoaster ride of emotion for me, feelings such as shock, anger, betrayal, disgust and pure hatred for a person and then there were feelings of friendship, love, and some laugh out loud moments had me loving this book.  Well done Evie Rose, if I could have given you more than 5 golden stars I would have.
*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*
After years of abuse, Roxi is an expert at deceiving the people around her. Everyone believes she has a picture perfect family, with a loving husband and a sweet little boy. They think she resides in a beautiful house and has a luxurious lifestyle, although, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Underneath the facade is a tormented soul, poised on the brink of giving up hope of ever finding a better tomorrow.

Luke’s past haunts him every single day. Not a second goes by without deep sorrow plaguing him. He will never forget what he’s done, he doesn’t want to. No one is more deserving of guilt eating away at them than he is… or so he believes. He spends his time, forever trying to make up for the one mistake that ruined the lives of his loved ones, as well as his own.

From the first time they meet, cracks begin to form in the mask Roxi wears and Luke sees right through them. The only question is, will he realize he’s worthy of love and step in to save her before it’s too late, or continue to think he’s undeserving of true happiness?
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