Friday, December 27, 2013

*REVIEW* "The Fab Life (The Kihanna Saga #1)" by Mercy Amare

Reviewer: Donna

Rating: 3.5 Stars


This book was enjoyable and pleasant but I felt like it need more substance. Kihanna finds out that her dad is not a waste of space but a billionaire who she goes to live. She finds it hard to settle in to the high society life and she can't get used to the clothes, expensive cars and the private school she attends. She has a step-brother Toby and step mum Veronica. She has a few love interests, Ty, Gabriel and the one I found fascinating was Kasbian who is a scholarship kid that attends the private school.

Sometimes it was hard to keep up with who she was interested as her mind tend to switch but Kihanna is a nieve teenager. To be honest towards the end of the book, the story began to get a little bit more interesting and it has enticed me to read book 2 in the saga " I Hate Goodbye ". Overall it was a light hearted book that sees a girl try to adjust to a completely different to what she knows and also the ups and downs of being a teenager.


It’s the life I was born to live: billionaire’s daughters, living amongst the rich & famous. But my mom kept me a secret from my dad. Until now.

I am so out of my league. Fancy parties, expensive cars, and a private school for the elite… It sounds like a dream. But everything is not as perfect as it seems on the outside. Here, the secrets are dirty, and the lies comes easy.

Welcome to my fab life

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