Tuesday, June 17, 2014

*REVIEW* Broken Prince ( Cinderella #2) by Aubrey Rose

Reviewer: Donna 
Rating: 4 Stars

Really enjoyed this sequel to Me? Cinderella. 

You would think Brynn and Eliot's relationship would be all hearts and flowers but they are both complicated and have loads of past issues that make their relationship really rocky. Bryann is finding out about her mother's murder and is stressing about sending her grandmother, the person who had brought her up enough money for her medicines to stop her having strokes. I life starts spiralling out of control and on top of these things, she thinks that Eliot has fallen out of love with her because he isn't around enough to console her. Eliot is still trying to keep his dead wife Clare in the past and in order to give his job at the academy, he has to finish his mathematical proof which he is finding really difficult. He too thinks that Bryann has fallen out of love with him because they both have too much going on. 

Lots of drama in this book and i enjoyed every minute. Characters were great but as storyline goes, i wish there was a bit more story to Bryann mother's murder. It seemed like a complete mystery but i think it ended a bit abruptly. Overall though i loved it and it was a great to end this story.

Brynn can't believe her good luck. Her Cinderella story continues as she finds herself studying math in a castle on the edge of a Hungarian forest. However, no fairy tale lasts forever, and a letter about her mother's death opens up a whole new world of nightmares...

Eliot, finally back in Hungary, is haunted by the lie he told ten years ago to protect his family. Now he finds that he can no longer hide his dark past from Brynn, and time is running out to finish his life's work in mathematics.

The problem that neither one of them can solve is this:

Once broken, can two shattered lives ever be made whole again?

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