Friday, June 6, 2014

* REVIEW * - Checked Again by Jennifer Jamelli

Reviewer : Kaylene
Rating : 5 Stars

One, Two, Three... Wow, is all I can say about the next book in this series ...

Checked Again, is the follow on book from Checked, which is the story of Calista (Callie) Royce’s life, where everything is done in three’s due to her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  Callie, is one of the most likeable characters I have read, and although the illness she has is very serious, she seems to be able to look at herself in a different light, which helps with the frustration and tears that you feel when reading these books.

This book, like the first one is once again told from Callie’s point of view.  She is back to counting and checking everything, only this time she is tested, really tested when she’s invited to attend a conference - of course, this involves a trip in a plane and staying in a hotel, both of which is a nightmare and a big no, no for our Callie.

Dr. Aiden Blake makes his appearance again like a knight in shining armour, however, is he enabling her or is there something else there?   I love the interaction between these two characters, Aiden is absolutely gorgeous and his heart is definitely in the right place.  Of course, when Aiden makes his appearance in her life again, she’s not sure whether to push him away or follow her heart.  After all, he did leave her when she needed him the most.

To say I loved this book would be an understatement. I absolutely loved it with a cherry on top.  It was really well written, and is everything I want and need in a good book.  It kept me thoroughly interested  and entertained the entire read, as a matter of fact I couldn't put it down. I love it when a book surprises me and both of these did exactly that. 

So, there is going to be a third in this series and I, for one, cannot wait.   Congratulations, Jennifer Jamelli on another fantastic, amazingly wonderful book. This is a five star plus read for me.

Book two in the Checked Trilogy.
Callie is alone. She’s back to counting, checking, and cleaning. Back to normal. Well, almost normal.
She can’t stop thinking about Dr. Blake.
When he shows back up, Callie doesn’t know what to do. Ignore him? Push him away? Or…

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