Monday, June 9, 2014

*REVIEW* My Decadent Demon (My Demon Trilogy #1) by Alicia Dawn

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 4 Stars

Really enjoyable book and very funny in places.

Cole is a demon and Sera is a higher power angel and Sera goes in search of Cole as she feels something towards him. They have instant connection and attraction but Sera feels that it is wrong to feel anything for a demon when Cole tells her so they depart.

The book takes us 100 years forward and Sera is still hung up on Cole and she can't help but follow him and use her mirror to see what he's up to. Cole knows this and catches her at every turn, resulting in Cole setting a trap to trap her. They are reunited but not for long as the Seraphim are on to them and take Sera away where they take her memory of everything about her relationship and even knowing Cole. Cole does come to her rescue but Sera doesn't know who he is so he makes its his mission to get her to remember him.

I love both characters but Sera was extremely funny at times especially when Cole has to try and get her to remember their past together. It was a really pleasant read and i'm going to grab book 2 to see how the story continues and what's in store next for these two characters.

Seraphina Orielle, an angel of divine fire and light, was also an oracle of foresight. Considered adolescent among her peers, she had yet to master her gift of precognition when her first vision came to pass; a captivating male whose destiny was intimately intertwined with her own. Yet he was not of angelic design. In fact, he was very far from it. Tragically, by the time Sera discovered this pivotal detail, he had already attained ownership of her heart. 
But not her ability to flee… 
A hundred years later and Cole Asteroth does whatever the hell he wants. When he’s not busy, that is, with ‘dirty deeds, done dirt cheap’ for his master. Ornery and sarcastic, he gets his kicks wreaking havoc in the human realm. Oh, and making very un-angelic women beg for his touch. Life is good… 
Until fate catches up with him. 
A few weak moments, one too many innocent visitations and the two are entangled all over again. But things are much more complicated now. And Cole no longer possesses much in the way of faith and forgiveness. 
As the estranged lovers struggle with what path to take, they quickly discover that destiny, too, is a reluctant second chance provider. As outside resistance and decadent captivity ensues, can their situation get any more exasperating?

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