Monday, June 9, 2014

*REVIEW* Just Friends? by K E Osborn

Reviewer: Donna 
Rating: 5 Stars

I really loved everything about this story. Kat and Will are amazing characters and i couldn't help but want everything to go well with them both.

Kat attends college in LA where she wants to pursue a career in singing and acting. This is where she meets Will. He's arrogant, very cocky but really hot. They have a great attraction but when Kat wants more, Will hurts her by saying he doesn't do relationships. It's safe to say he realises his mistake and confesses his really feelings for Kat. When Kat and Will get cast in a new movie, Nightwalkers, They lives change for ever. Screaming fans, interviews, premi√®res and the paparazzi. Situations arise which test their relationship and whether they can remain together. They have a great bunch of friends, Kat's friends are Brooke, V, the strange one and her best friend, Charlie. Will's friend are Dan and his best friend but also quite creepy roommate, Olsen. He is the only one that i didn't like. Kat and Will's friendships with their friends are tested along their journey as well. 

Amazing and brilliant read. Hooked me in from the beginning like the rest of K E Osborn's book. I have to admit, i read it in a day! I couldn't put it down but then i was really gutted when i finished it! I found the stalker situation really scary and i had a few "OH My God!" moments. My husband kept asking what was wrong! But it was truly an amazing book and i'm looking forward to the next books from K E Osborn.

A talented young singer and actress, Australian born Katerina Barrett, decides to follow her dreams and move to the United States of America to attend AMDA College in Los Angeles, to further her music and acting career. On her orientation day a cocky, self absorbed and arrogant Will Sanders, catches her attention. Immediately she’s drawn and she knows she should stay away from him and concentrate on her career – but, life is never that easy. 

The chemistry is undeniable and Kat doesn’t want to let her guard down. When she gives herself to Will, she’s left hurt when he confesses that he doesn’t do the 'relationship thing'. 

Through a turn of fortunate events they are both chosen to play the lead roles in an up and coming new indie movie, the Nightwalker Series. Their relationship blossoms as does their fame, turning their world upside down and leaving them asking, are we ‘just friends’?

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