Sunday, June 15, 2014

*REVIEW* Shifting Fates (Urban Fantasy Shifter Romance #1) by Aubrey Rose & Nadia Simonenko

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 5 Stars

I loved every minute of this book and was really gutted when it ended. Bindi and Cage are great characters. Bindi being a shifter and protecting four children Kit, Lily, Logan and Nim. They have to stay hidden as the military will kill any shifter they find. Bindi will protect the kids at all costs and she is the one who goes topside to find rations and things they need. Cage is a military soldier who is out for revenge for his brother and he seems like a very complicated man. Cage catches Bindi stealing food supplies but lets her go, not knowing she is a shifter. They is an attraction from the moment they meet and i'm really excited to see what's in store for these characters in the next book. This book didn't take me long it read but it kept me hooked from the beginning. Definitely one worth reading!

In post-nuclear Manhattan, there are two kinds of survivors: humans and shifters. 

After his older brother Ben was killed by shifters, Cage followed in Ben’s footsteps and joined the military. His job is simple: protect the surviving civilians in the wreckage of Manhattan and put down the dangerous shifter mutants prowling the streets. Bitter with revenge, he can’t wait for a chance to get even with the monsters who killed his brother. 

Half-wolf, half-human Bindi is one of Cage’s monsters. She lives underground, hiding away from military patrols and protecting the ragtag pack of shifter children who have come to depend on her. She’d do anything to get out of the city and get her pack to safety, but nobody gets in - or out - of this city. 

On Christmas Eve, Cage catches Bindi –in human form - stealing extra rations for her pack. In a moment of pity he lets her go, but not without being struck by a sense that there’s something special about her. Something… different. 

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