Sunday, June 15, 2014

*REVIEW* Shifting Fates: Uncaged (Urban Fantasy Shifter Romance #2) by Aubrey Rose & Nadia Simonenko

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 5 Stars

This series is such a tease as they are quite short and i read it within 2 hours but it kept me wanting more and i absolutely LOVED it!!

The second book sees Bindi and Kit getting arrested for stealing food rations and put in a stinky, smelling prison where the prisoner hardly get fed. Cage finds out and vows to set them free. He is starting to question what the military are doing and if it's the right thing any more. Bindi and Cage can't stop thinking about each other and their attraction is only hotting up. There is a shocking discovery that throws Bindi and Cage together again and turns up the heat on their ever growing attraction.

Really enjoyed this books and the series so far. Looking forward to starting book 3 straight away as i'm so obsessed with this storyline and what's going to happen next. Great writing and an excellent read. If you haven't read this series yet, start with Shifting Fates, book 1 before you read this one. Highly recommend!

Bindi can’t stop thinking about the nameless soldier who kissed her and saved her life. She knows that he could never love her if he knew who she truly was—a wolf shifter leading a pack of shifter children. When she gets thrown in prison for stealing rations, she must decide if her freedom is worth telling the truth... and losing Cage in the process. 

Cage has vowed to follow orders – that’s what a military captain does. But if the military’s orders are to kill a woman whose only crime is stealing food for her family, maybe it’s time to break a rule or two. 

When Cage finally realizes the truth about Bindi, he must search his heart to forgive her. And when his own dark secret comes to light, it will change the way he looks at the world... forever.

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