Monday, June 30, 2014

* REVIEW * - Unbreakable 2, The Mystery of Lilly (Cypress Grove Series)

Reviewer : Cheryl
Rating : 4 Stars

The second book in this series was a good read.  It picked up right where Unbreakable left off.  Most of the mysteries surrounding Lilly were answered.
The journey to the answers they discover and needed is filled with insecurity, mistrust, and numerous twists and turns.  There were moments that I wanted to jump in and slap a character in the face, but it all added to the story.  If you are anything like me, you will think this many time.  You learn more about the supporting characters and how their stories develop throughout the book.  Emma, Jimmy, Jacob, and Lucy are still great best friends. Emma is still my favorite character because she is rough around the edges, spunky, out spoken, and loyal.  

I admire the story for having answered most questions, but the biggest question now is: Will there be a third book?  The way it ended had me frustrated and interested to know what will happen next.  It was fast paced and it was a good story. 

Unbreakable Two, The Mystery of Lilly, is the sequel to Unbreakable/ Cypress Grove Series. Not a standalone book.

Just when Lilly Sumnor thought everything was going well in her life, the thing she feared most happened. She is kidnapped by her stalker, and as far as she knows, Luke is dead. 

She learns from her stalker some shocking news that changes everything. She tries to keep it together in hopes of escaping. When it seems like all is lost Lilly gives up, and sees Luke in a dream. Is he really there, or is her mind playing tricks on her?

Will Lilly have happiness, find out about her mother, and how she came to live with the Sumnors? Can she find truths to the mysteries that have been haunting her, her whole life?

Just as in book one, Unbreakable Two, The Mystery of Lilly, will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat as one secret after another is revealed. 

This is the last book in the Cypress Grove Series.

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