Saturday, June 21, 2014

*REVIEW* Constructing Marcus by Danielle DeVor

Reviewer: Donna 
Rating: 4 Stars

A light and enjoyable Young Adult story.

Emma is a lonely teenager who moves into a new house with her mum and dad. Her mum suffers from anorexia and her dad is a doctor. Her home life isn't great and she left all her friends behind. Her friends and herself, formed a ghost hunting club but when she moved she decided to try out her skills on her new home. Low and behold, she believes it's haunted and when she sees Marcus for the first time, she has to find out what happened in that house.

Marcus is a construct and he was created by a witch that was murdered in the house. People are after Marcus's power and if they get it, Marcus will vanish forever so it's up to Emma to save him. She has a massive crush on him and she believes he feels the same so she does all she can to save him.

It was really enjoyable. I really wished Marcus appeared more and was in the story a bit more as every time he would appear and starting talking, he was gone again. I felt like it could have been dragged out a bit more and maybe the book would have been a bit bigger but it was really fun to read. It didn't take long to read but loved Marcus and his witty comments and Emma was a very smart and at times, funny character too.

Definitely recommend as it really worked well and if you want to read something that it light and fun to read, then this is the book for you!

Sixteen-year-old ghost hunter, Emma Hoffman thought that moving into an old Victorian was going to be awesome-- ghosts galore. 

Much to her delight, she discovers that the house is haunted—not by a ghost, but by a construct (a spirit created to be a servant). As she gets to know Marcus, the construct, he asks her to help him avenge his maker and find her killer. Emma’s not too sure this is a good idea, she’s a ghost hunter after all, not a detective, but she agrees to help him anyway. 

While trying to discover more information about the killer, Emma begins to have feelings for Marcus- feelings she isn’t ready to admit. Then the sorcerer who killed Marcus’s maker shows up at Emma’s house with an insane plan to capture Marcus and absorb his power- Emma isn’t having it. Marcus is hers. 

When the killer performs a spell that begins to steal Marcus’s life force, Emma risks losing him. It’s a race against time for Emma to figure out how to stop the sorcerer and his spell before Marcus fades away and disappears from her life forever.

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